The Mercury Riots

LA rockers The Mercury Riots are breaking into the scene with soaring guitars from Felipe Rodrigo, unique and charismatic vocals from frontman Justin Walker, groovy bass from Fede Delfino and a rocksteady pulse from Jonny Udell on drums, 

Enter The Mercury Riots, a healthy combination of loud, fast, jet-fuel powered rock n roll.

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This Groove Death Metal outfit from Swedish region of Östergötland is making their mark in the Swedish Metal scene. Selected by Anders Fridén and Rockpodden to open upp In Flames own festival Dalhalla Brinner 2023 the band took a step up and later signed a record deal with Gain / Fifth Island (Sony). 2024 they will release and EP followed by the debut record 2025.

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Warner Drive

To All Of You Productions started working with Los Angeles based band Warner Drive 2011 and did the first tour with hem in Europe in 2012. Martin is working as a representative for the band in Europe, tourmanager and booker. With a passed average of 200-250 shows per year in the US the band have sold an impressive 10 000 copies of their first two albums without backing of a record company. 2012 the band did their first European tour and have come back every year since then and have made themselvs a name and become staff and audience favourites at the Helgå Festival in Sweden and Dithmarscher rockfest in Germany. The band finished third in the band contest for Sweden Rock Festival 2016 out of a total of 280 000 votes.